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Unmatched Performance, Exceptional Value.

The IPSO 105 stands out as an all-around high-temp industrial machine with an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio. Offering automation, reliability, and speed, it's the ultimate solution for industrial engineers and designers to produce robust, high-performance parts efficiently.

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BigRep PRO 3D Printer

Dependable Production for Tooling and Beyond

Dubbed the tool maker's tool, this powerful 105-liter machine heats up to 100°C, with a print bed reaching 180°C. Equipped with cutting-edge dual extruders, it can print high-performance materials, offering open access to the most advanced materials available, including PC, PEKK, and PEKK-CF.

Advanced High Temperature Features

The IPSO 105 offers exceptional high-temperature capabilities, with a build chamber reaching up to 100°C, a print bed heating to 180°C, and extruders capable of 450°C. This combination of precision and versatility supports a wide array of applications and materials, from engineering-grade components to functional prototypes.

BigRep PRO 3D Printed Parts
BigRep Pro Metering Extruder Technology

Continuous Printing Efficiency
The two DSX (Direct Synchronized Extruders) can reach temperatures up to 450°C and feature integrated cooling channels along with multiple sensors for precise monitoring and control. In Relay Mode, the second extruder automatically takes over when the filament runs out, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. The DSX extruders excel with soft, flexible materials (up to 70A) due to their short filament path and optimized feeding mechanism.

Print with a Single Button Press
Starting your print is effortless with fully automated functions, including bed calibration via topology measurement and automatic compensation. Once the print begins, numerous built-in sensors ensure smooth, 24/7 operation, while the HD wide-angle camera provides real-time remote monitoring so you can keep an eye on your prints from anywhere.

BigRep PRO Bed Leveling
BigRep Pro Metering Extruder Technology

Essential for Quality Prints and High-Performance Components
Maintaining consistent temperatures is crucial for achieving top-notch prints and ensuring the reliability of high-performance parts. With the IPSO 105, the print bed can reach temperatures of up to 180°C, ensuring even heat distribution across the entire printing surface. Additionally, the well-insulated build chamber circulates air heated up to 100°C, guaranteeing optimal mechanical performance and impeccable print quality.



With IPSO 105, fabricate aerospace components using high-performance materials, ensuring robust, secure, and lightweight parts. Experience unparalleled precision, consistency, and detail, fostering innovation across the design spectrum.


With an open-material system, explore diverse filaments to accurately prototype and test parts before production. Streamline iterations, reduce manufacturing expenses, and expedite your product's journey to market.


Craft cost-effective rapid tooling for your manufacturing environment, including jigs and fixtures. Leverage high-temperature capabilities to forge robust and intricate tooling in-house. Say goodbye to outdated methods and embrace on-demand tool printing.

BigRep IPSO 105 Specifications

Version:BigRep IPSO 105
Build Volume:400mm x 600mm x 440mm (x,y,z)
ABS, ABS-ESD, ABS-FR, ASA, HT-PETG, PA6, PA6-CF, PA12, PA12-CF, PA12-GF, PC, PC-ABS, PC-FR, PC-CF, PCTG, PEKK, PEKK-CF, PETG, PLA, PP, PP-GF, TPU, TPC (Open for 3rd party materials)
Direct Synchronized Extruder (DSX)
Extruder configuration:
Water-cooled multi-DSX 
Precise or Power
Brass or hardened steel
Nozzle diameters:
​​0.4mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm
Layer thickness:
From 0.05mm
 Extruder temp:
Up to 450°C
 Build chamber temp:
Up to 100°C
Print bed temp:Up to 180°C
Max print speed:
 Up to 200 mm/s
 Position accuracy: < 0.1mm in XY
Max throughput:
 Up to 150 g/h
 Movement speed:250 mm/s in XY
 Drive technology: Stepper motors with encoder
 Air cleaning unit: Filtration system with active carbon filter and HEPA filter
 Safety circuit: Unmanned 24/7 operation
 Connectivity: USB, network
 Pause printing: Out-of-filament sensor with smart ʻstop and goʼ function (build chamber and print bed remain heated)
 Slicing software: Simplify3D, Cura
 Machine control: HAGE3D industrial control
 HMI: LED + 7” touchscreen
 Camera: Wide angle color HD camera for real time remote monitoring
 Override function: Manual override in real time
 User Access: Multi-level user permissions
 Power supply: 400 V / 16 A
 External dimensions: 1270mm x 1120mm x 1730mm (x,y,z)
 Weight: Approx. 420kg
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