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Ultrafast Production for Parts & Prototypes

The NXE 400Pro photopolymer 3D printer boasts an unprecedented 17L build volume, delivering unmatched speed and throughput without compromising on accuracy or repeatability. The NXE 400Pro industrial 3D printer features patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc®) technology, delivering accuracy and tolerances with a superior surface finish by turning SLA 3D printing technology on its head.

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Nexa3D’s print process uses a patented Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing (LSPc) 3D printing engine. Different from DLP, where edge-to-edge performance can be compromised due to optical distortions, LSPc delivers a uniform, high power and distortion-free image to all areas of the build plate to ensure part-to-part accuracy and uniformity. LSPc, a type of masked stereolithography (mSLA) technology, is faster than stereolithography (SLA) and other mSLA technologies. Our self-lubricated, flexible membrane overcomes the delamination forces that accrue during any inverted, vat based printing process, thus enabling best-in-class print speeds. 

Nexa3D NXE 400 Pro Prints

6.5X Greater Print Speed

Nexa3D’s patented 3D printing LSPc process enables production speeds that are up to 6.5x faster than other industrial 3D printers from the same class. Uniform exposure and process control also ensure production build speeds at the highest quality levels.

2.5X Larger Build Volume

Featuring 2.5x greater build volume (17L) compared to SLA and DLP-based technologies, the NXE 400Pro photopolymer 3D printer allows for much larger parts, higher part throughput, and ultimately lower part cost—all with higher-resolution pixels (76.5 µm) and isotropic prints.

Broad Material Selection

Nexa3D’s robust materials portfolio is backed by their strong partnerships with leading material providers including Henkel and BASF. Getting the most out of ultrafast LSPc technology is enabled by this broad range of fully validated materials, which are formulated to provide unprecedented print speed as well as part characteristics required for optimal mechanical performance. This includes general purpose resins for prototyping or tooling as well as high performance resins like xPEEK for high temperature environments or xPP for exceptional elongation characteristics.

Nexa3D NXE 400 Pro Prints

NXE 400 PRO Specifications

Build Volume (xyz):
275 x 155 x 200 mm (10.8 x 6.1 x 7.8 inch)
Pixel Pitch:4K resolution
​Max Resolution:
76.5 µm (0.0030 in)
Wavelength:​405 nm
NexaX 2.0:Full-featured software tool set providing auto-orientation and nesting, automatic support generation, easy build processing, and remote printer management including build submission, queue visibility, and job statistics.
 Connectivity:​GigaBit Ethernet RJ-45 & WiFi Interface
Client Hardware Recommendation:
• 3 GHz multiple-core processor with 16+ GB RAM
• NVIDIA GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 480 or better graphics with 4+ GB RAM
​• 3 GB available HDD space, additional 10GB for files / cache

Client Operating System:
​Windows 10, 64bit
​​Input Data File Formats Supported:d .stl, .3mf
Post-Processing:Ships with basic part finishing tools accessory kit. • Max build requires wash basin & cure chamber with 300 x 180 x 480mm (12 x 7 x 19 in) capacity • Requires UV curing unit capable of > 2mW/cm2 and 60°C (ideal 20mW/cm2 and up to 120°C)
Air Temperature:20–25˚C (68–77˚F)
NA Version: 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 8A (NEMA 15-5R)
EU Version: 210-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 4A (CEE 7/7)

Humidity:​RH below 70%
3D Printer crated:990 x 990 x 1905 mm
​(39 x 39 x 75 inch)

250 kg
​3D Printer uncrated:710 x 710 x 1675 mm
​(28 x 28 x 66 inch)

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