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Accurate Tracking Without Targets

Engineered with i-Tracker’s on-board processor for Edge Computing, 25-megapixel industrial cameras, and cutting-edge technologies, the TrackScan-Sharp is ideal for measuring large-sized parts or multiple parts at the same time without the hassle of moving trackers frequently.

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Large-Volume Tracking

This brand-new generation of Scantech's measurement system takes accuracy and range to new heights. The portable i-Scanner and optical i-Tracker combine to create an unrivaled solution for measuring large-scale parts. With a tracking distance of up to 6 meters, volumetric range of 49 m3, and an impressive volumetric accuracy of up to 0.049 mm (10.4 m3), TrackScan-Sharp delivers unmatched precision and reliability. Discover the future of 3D measurement with the TrackScan-Sharp.

Vast Applications 

With its support for wired and wireless data transfer, it caters to a wide range of applications, making scanning easier than ever before. But that's not all - when paired with the auxiliary light module, it can even inspect those hard-to-reach holes and slots.
Whether you're in product development or quality control, TrackScan-Sharp is here to enhance your measurements and improve efficiency. Say goodbye to manual measurements and hello to precise and stable data collection. 

Intuitive & Innovative Design 

Made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber in a sphere shape, the i-Scanner is for heavy use. Its ergonomic handle can ensure the long-session use of the 3D scanner without causing much fatigue, which ensures free measurement.

The i-Tracker has an intuitive light band that shows the operating status in real time. Its hollow grille design helps cameras remain at a stable temperature throughout the scanning process.

Edge Computing & Impressive Performance

Equipt with a new i-Tracker with an onboard processor, it efficiently processes images and computes data, delivering real-time coordinates. The innovative Edge Computing feature saves computing power, enhancing data processing capabilities. Experience reliable and stable performance that continues to impress users.

Trackscan-Sharp Specifications
Type (Scan Mode)TrackScan-Sharp 49
 Ultra-fast scanning21 blue laser crosses 
 Hyperfine scanning7 blue parallel laser lines
Deep-hole scanning 
1 blue laser line
AccuracyUp to 0.025 mm
Measurement rate
Up to 2,600,000 measurements/s
Scanning area
Up to 500 mm × 600 mm
 Laser class ClassⅡ (eye-safe)
Resolution 0.020 mm
 Volumetric accuracy
 10.4 m³ (Tracking distance 3.5 m) 0.049 mm
 28.6 m³ (Tracking distance 5.0 m) 0.067 mm
 49.0 m³ (Tracking distance 6.0 m)  0.089 mm
 Tracking Distance per i-Tracker 6000 mm
 Volumetric accuracy (with MSCAN photogrammetry system) 0.044 mm + 0.012 mm/m (>6m)
 Camera pixels of i-Tracker 25 megapixels
 Stand-off distance 300 mm
 Hole position accuracy 0.050 mm
 Depth of field 400 mm
 Part size range (recommended) 0.1 m-12 m
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