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Versatile Options for All Scanning Needs


Scan Area: Up to 1440 x 860 mm

Resolution: Up to 0.10 mm

Accuracy: 0.020 mm

Explore the KScan-Magic


Scan Area: Up to 550 x 600 mm

Resolution: Up to 0.025 mm

Accuracy: 0.020 mm

Explore the Axe-B11


Scan Area: Up to 410 x 400 mm

Resolution: Up to 0.025 mm

Accuracy: Up to 0.020 mm

Explore the Simscan


Scan Area: Up to 500 x 600 mm 

Resolution: 0.020 mm

Accuracy: Up to 0.025 mm

Explore the Trackscan-P42


Scan Area: Up to 500 x 600 mm 

Resolution: 0.020 mm

Accuracy: Up to 0.025 mm

Explore the Trackscan-Sharp

Find the Perfect Scanner for Your Project's Needs

3D Visualization

The process of creating graphical content with 3D software is known as 3D visualization. Scantech 3D scanners assist in the digitalization of items.

3D Printing

Any object in front of you can be replicated with 3D printing. It uses a layering process to generate objects that vary in size, shape, and color. Scantech 3D scanners assist in quickly and precisely obtaining 3D data of objects.

Automated 3D Measurement

Automation is allowing businesses to improve their manufacturing and production operations even further. Scantech's automated 3D system offers high-quality, turn-key automated solutions that are designed to work together seamlessly.

Quality Control

The need for quality control of parts and components is becoming increasingly important as the degree of machinery manufacture improves. Accurate 3D examination is provided by Scantech 3D scanner.

Product Development

Product development is a process that begins with the conception of an idea and continues through design, development, and commercialization. Scantech 3D scanners can assist in swiftly and reliably obtaining 3D data for products.

Reverse Engineering

When a CAD file is not available, using a 3D scanner to capture the intricate geometric properties of a particular part is a wonderful approach to create one. 3D scanners from Scantech aid in the reverse engineering of physical products.
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